Persuasive Memo Assignment




Assume you are working in Purity Organic.  Before working on the assignment, begin to follow two companies within that industry. Watch how these companies use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. Your boss, the vice president of marketing, has asked you to provide recommendations for using Twitter and other social media more effectively.

and host a Twitter chat to celebrate a new product launch


Use very clear headings including action, it can follow this format: Modifier – key word – action word




Write a two-page persuasive memo using effective business-writing guidelines.


  1. Provide recommendations to your boss or the head of marketing to persuade him/her to test out social media as part of the company’s digital marketing plans or to take a different direction from the company’s current use of social media.


  1. When needed, define terminology/jargon that you use in your argument (i.e., Twitter: “tweet,” “tweetups,” “hashtags,” or “status messaging”). How much you need to define terms depends on how the organization is currently using or not using social media.


  1. Demonstrate your critical thinking about how to use social media to promote your organization. For example, you may refer to effective or ineffective practices by other companies in your industry.


  1. Discuss any potential concerns without negating your persuasive argument.


  1. Provide persuasive evidence regarding how your company can effectively use social media to influence a business issue or concern (i.e., customer service or business development).


  1. Use the “Seven Logically Persuasive Tools” given following to provide guidance for how you’ll support your arguments. I am looking for a balanced approach to persuasion—I don’t want to read a message that only uses statistics.


  1. As you consider the persuasive arguments you want to make, plan to include a visual such as a chart, table, or graph to communicate the business value of your argument.

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