View the short video by Ross Shafer from the following URL address on You Tube:

The  "personal' side of exceeding customer expectations is probably the most  gratifying part of the service industry. It makes the customer feel  good and special, and it makes you feel good and special.

From the video, please answer the following questions:

 1) Do you think Maria Garcias' actions (getting the Diet Coke) were  instilled in her through company training? Or do you think she did it on  her own?(MINIMUM 200 WORDS)

2) Think about the hiring process that took place  when Maria was hired by this hotel company. What qualities do you think  they saw in Maria that made her a good hire?  (MINIMUM 200 WORDS)   

3) What Maria did  was so simple; yet, her example is not common in our business, no matter  what sector you are exposed to. If you were the manager overseeing  Maria's room service department, how would you motivate the rest of the  room service team to work at her level of customer service?  (MINIMUM 200 WORDS)   

4)  How can we, as managers, better "tune-in" to the needs of our customers  … especially those like Ross Shafer in the video; checking in after  midnight? (MINIMUM 150 WORDS)   

5) Briefly describe the last time you were "wowed" by  a special, unexpected personal service. How did you react? Did you  provide positive feedback like Ross did in the video?  (MINIMUM 150 WORDS)   

Using the questions as sub-headers, re-write the questions in your own words and  answer each question in "mini-essay" form; that is, with an  introduction, supporting body with references where appropriate and a  conclusion for each question. 

Make sure to provide a proper introduction  and thesis for the entire assignment at the beginning of the essay;  that is, provide appropriate background information and establish the  purpose before writing your mini-essays. 

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