Personal Case Study Reflection


This assessment requires you to engage in critical reflection of a personal decision making situation in the workplace or a similar environment in which you engaged in decision making processes. If you have limited workplace experience, you may use a personal decision making situation in another context. A personal decision making situation is one in which you were involved, whether or not you made or contributed to decisions.

You are required to use appropriate academic theories, models and frameworks to identify the relevant decision-making issues that arose in your case, evaluate why these issues arose and recommend how you might have dealt these issues, if you had been exposed to the academic theories, models and frameworks covered in this course, at that time.

The form of presentation is a report structure, with relevant sections and headings as explained in the academic literacy tutorials. A contents table and executive summary is not required. Correct in-text referencing and a Reference List at the end are required.


Student Assessment Output

Personal Case Study Reflection (2000 words)

Learning Outcomes

(relating to assignment)

1. Recognise and articulate various decision making perspectives and techniques

2.Use relevant literature to construct and support a written argument

3.Apply critical judgement, analytical and logical reasoning, strategic thinking, and creative problem solving skills to decision making 4.Reflect upon one’s own managerial decision making and that of others.
Assessment Criteria

1. Selection of relevant academic theories, models & frameworks from course literature to identify key issues of personal decision making situation (20%)

2. Application of relevant academic theories, models and frameworks to critically analyse the issues of the personal decision making situation (25%)

3. Personal reflection, informed by theory, on how the issue could have been addressed differently (35%)
4. Presentation of report structure with sections & headings, correct referencing and clear language. (20%)

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