Perform and analyse crosses in Drosophila melanogaster

Assignment information PART A (40 marks) The assignment requires you to use the program GENE LAB:eFly, which is on the LMS , to perform and analyse crosses in Drosophila melanogaster (vinegar fly) The assignment is due via Turnitin by 9.00am Wednesday September 5th You have been assigned two mutants. The AIM of the assignment is to investigate for your two mutants • Aim 1: The dominance of the wild type or mutant phenotype at each locus • Aim 2: Whether the loci are autosomal or X-linked • Aim 3: Whether the loci are assorting independently or not Instructions • The information is to be TYPED in NO LESS than 11 point font into the template document. • The crosses may be handwritten but must be inserted into the spaces provided. • You will be penalised if you change the size of the boxes provided for your answers. Re the program • The first flies you choose will be purebreeding • There is no recombination in male Drosophila • When performing the crosses generate 1000 offspring • The results may be downloaded and instructions on how to do this are in the program You have been supplied with the criteria on which your assignment will be assessed. PART B (10 marks) This is an LMS online activity which is to be completed before your mark is released for the assignment . It opens at 9.00am on Friday September 7th until 9.00am Wednesday September 12th. You are required to review your assignment and consider how well you have covered the criteria for each section of the assignment by choosing the relevant place on a 5 point scale. For example – Method 5. all criteria covered correctly. 4. most criteria covered correctly 3. some criteria covered correctly 2. few criteria covered correctly 1. not attempted In addition there will be two questions for you to answer about your assignment

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