Submit an essay of approximately 750 words in digital format. (This is the equivalent of three, double-spaced pages of text in a 12-point font with normal margins.) Your essay may exceed this amount, and may be supplemented with your own charts and illustrations or those that you find in other sources, but in the latter case be sure to provide clear and full references to the sources used.

This is a sustainability science class and the question asked below should be taken with the mindset of sustainability in mind.

Topic 4b. Create and discuss a picture of the perfect, sustainable future in which human needs are met fairly and affordably with minimal negative impacts on the environment. You can focus on whatever scale you wish, from a small town to a large city to an international perspective. It may be instructive to review earlier “futurist” visions of life in the 20th and 21st centuries and to discuss whether it’s even possible to predict a sustainability future given the unseen variables that can affect it.

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