Perceived Stress, schizotypy and paranormal belief Please produce a dissertation results section following APA guidelines and to include table and relevant graph/plots in apa format.
A hierarchical regression has been performed using paranormal belief as the dependent variable.
Predictor variables:
block 1 – Unusual experiences (UE)
block 2 – Impulsive nonconformity (IN)
block 3 – stress

Schizotypy was measured using the o-life short scale and the sub-scales of UE and IN were chosen due to their relevance to paranormal belief and previous research.

The study aims to gain understanding of the effects of stress and schizotypy on paranormal belief with the hypothesis that stronger paranormal belief will be associated with individuals experiencing higher levels of perceived stress whilst being placed at the higher end of the schizotypy continuum.

In terms of speculation from the results, UE and stress are sig. positively correlated but on UE is a sig. predictor of paranormal belief. So it seems that high levels of UE can predict paranormal beliefs but how stressed you are does not have a bearing on your paranormal belief.

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