Subject Psychology

Topic     Are people perceived as more or less attractive when wearing makeup

Type      Research proposal

Level     University

Style      APA

Sources                5

Language             English(U.S.)


Hello, first thank you. I uploaded two files, they are the same but just in different formats. The file provides the guideline for the research proposal, please ignore the Title Page part and start from the introduction. The Research Proposal Must In APA format!

-Double spaced

-Times New Roman

-12 point font

-Proper formatting of headers

-Proper use of italics




-Paragraph structure

-Sentence structure       -Overall clarity   -Adherence to APA style


From the Method part you may need additional information from me.

For this question (Are people perceived as more or less attractive when wearing makeup), we decided to create a survey. In this survey, it will contain 10 pictures for 10 different persons (male and female) , each picture will present the person with and without make up. And we are asking 50 (n=50) persons to fill this survey, from the scale 1 to 7, (1 means not attractive after makeup, 4 means natural, 7means very attractive after makeup.). Gender for participants will be male and female, age from 18-22, all students. We are asking other lab’s class student to fill this survey, takes around 5 mins. I uploaded a sample picture for your reference. We have not yet conduct the survey yet, so everything in this method part should be future tense.


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