PBHL/WGS 3140 Reproductive Rights

Reading List Fall 2017- corrected

The following articles are available to you online. Each is numbered, with the numbers listed on the syllabus to coincide with the topics.

1. “A Postpartum Penalty” Depression Diagnosis May Affect Rates for Life Insurance

By Ron Lieber, 2/27/16, New York Times


2. Some I.V.F. Experts Discourage Multiple Births”

Jane Brody, 10/11/16 , New York Times


3. Should young women sell their eggs?

Donna De La Cruz OCT. 20, 2016, New York Times


4. The Return of the D.I.Y. Abortion

Seth Stevens Davidowitz 3-6-16 , New York Times


5. American Home Birth is Dangerous

Amy Tuteur 5-1-16 , New York Times


6. One Nation Divisible/Rural America’s Childbirth Crisis: The Fight To Save Whitney Brown

By Betsy McKay and Paul Overberg

The Wall Street Journal- 8-11-17


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7. Why A Generation of Adoptees is Returning to South Korea

Maggie Jones

New York Times Magazine 1-18-15


8. The Dwindling Options for Surrogacy Abroad

Danielle Preiss and Pragati Shahi

The Atlantic, May 21, 2016


9. 10 Powerful women who have spoken about their own abortion



10. 1 in 3 Campaign

Women speak out about their abortions. (choose stories to read)


11. Why Does Open Adoption Rarely Work?

Kathryn Joyce, The New Republic, July 14, 2015


12. Opinion: Want to Empower Women Worldwide? Give Them Access to Contraceptives

Melinda Gates, National Geographic , February 3, 2017


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