In this assignment, you will be asked to deliver a short essay reviewing and envisioning the theoretical developments of urban science and systems. You need to start with one specific urban theory or concept, and layout a thorough literature review and discussion on how the theory or concept has been used in the field to understand cities. Examples of the theories include but not limited to: • Central place theory • Bid rent theory • Other urban economics theories • Spatial interaction models • Theories of complex systems and science 




You are asked to submit an essay (around 3,000 words excluding references) with the following suggested structure: • Introduction: Brief description of the background of the theory/concept, e.g., who proposed it; when it was proposed; what aspects of cities it aimed to describe or understand; why this theory/concept matters for modern urban science • Literature Review: A thorough literature review on the adoption and developments of the theory/concept in urban science and systems research • Discussion: Your reflections and discussion based on the knowledge you’ve acquired through the literature review and this subject • Appendices (if any) • References: minimum 20 references 




Important notice: • Due date: October 25th, 2019 • Late submission will cause a 5% penalty (per day) of the overall grade of the assignment • Start as early as possible and try to get advice from your supervisor, colleagues, and subject lecturers • When preparing the proposal and manuscript, be sure to cite the references/URLs when content is borrowed from other sources. Plagiarism is NOT allowed and will result into disqualification; See “Academic Integrity About Plagiarism and How to Avoid it” by Office of General University Requirements. 

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