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Then answer the discussion:    Over the past several decades American society has changed in a number of significant ways. Discuss in detail at least one such change (please, make sure to follow the discussion guidelines provided in the syllabus).    




Here is the requirement about the disscussion:  Interaction and participation are very important. Given the structure of the course, one cannot learn if one does no actively engage in discussions. For the discussion sessions students are expected to make at least two entries – one in response to the questions provided in the prompt (discussion threat) and one in response to an entry made by a colleague. Each entry should be a minimum of 250 words in length. Hence, between the two entries – 500 words in total. 






Here is a disscussion you should reply:   


Labor union movements have long been a counterweight to social and income inequality. But unions have historically been less effective at influencing government policy in the United States than in industrialized Europe. In recent years, the United States, the power of the unions more decline, this was partly due to the change of industrial structure reduce the number of workers, that is to say, as the union of the class foundation of the labor group in the employment proportion reduced, on the other hand, employers class under the support of the government of the union become more strong, and the union of employers class of checks and balances and negotiation ability are weakened.


In fact, the decline in union power in the United States has been in decline since the early 1950s, but has been exacerbated since the 1970s. The number of strikes has declined significantly as the percentage of workers in the United States who are unionized has fallen, and strikes, the traditional weapon of American workers to increase wages and benefits, have been hurt. At the beginning of the Reagan administration in the 1980s, in the face of the general strike by air transport managers, the government adopted tough measures to dismiss 10,000 strikers, which dealt a heavy blow to the trade union movement and became an example of the severe attitude towards striking workers in the strike movement. From then on, the trade union movement also went into further decline.


The direct cause of the rapid decline of labor union power in the United States in recent decades may be that the strengthening of international competition makes American business owners more eager to increase profits by reducing labor costs. At the same time, under the trend of economic globalization, it is easier for them to take advantage of the cheap labor in developing countries by shifting production bases. In addition, the American employer class has traditionally viewed unions as opponents of struggle, rather than as formal representatives of workers’ interests and interlocutors in collective bargaining.

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