You should write how much hard to become white collar worker. In this scenerio, I worked in Octopharma for import- export department in Greece and it was really hard adapt their strict rules like wearing suit everyday. You should write about how hard to being these types of employee.


You have 72 hours to complete this assignment otherwise it will be garbage for me.


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Assignment Requirement


 Q1: Describe the worst job Describe the worst job you have ever had.  Each member should analyze his/her worst job using each of the five dimensions of the Job Characteristics Model (JCM) and provide specific examples. 

Q2: Redesigning the job using the JCM Imagine that you are a manager and has the power to redesign the worst job you described in Question 1. How would you redesign this job using the JCM? Again consider each of the five dimensions of the JCM and comment on how you would specifically improve each of the five dimensions. Try to make your solutions as practical as possible. In other words, I want to see you provide solutions that can actually be implemented to this job in order to make it better. Provide research references to support your points. You don’t have to provide a specific reference for your specific job. Research general academic papers on JCM and apply their study findings to your job. Below are some sample questions you may consider in your analysis 1. Example- Skill variety Describe the different identifiable skills required to do this job. What is the nature of the oral, written and or quantitative skills needed? Physical Skills? Does the job holder get the opportunity to use all of his or her skills? Based on these questions, you can think of practical ways to improve the “skill variety” dimension of the job. For other dimensions of JCM, use your “critical thinking skills” to come up with your own questions to consider in your analysis.  



 [IMPORTANT] Requirements 

1. Format (follow the APA style)

 a. Title page (include the word count) b. Introduction (short introduction about the three questions) c. Section 1: Question 1 d. Section 2: Question 2 e. Conclusion (shot conclusion that summarizes your main findings) f. References 


2. Word limit:minimum 2200 – maximum 2500 words 

a. From title page to references b. Total words from start to finish can be maximum 2500 words c. [IMPORTANT] Include your word count on the title page 3. DO NOT directly copy the assignment questions to your assignment a. This will increase your similarity score 4. Be sure to include proper text citations and APA style references for all sources a. Try to type them yourself instead of using the citation builder 5. References: At least 5 (the more the better)  

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