Select a 1-5 grade level and corresponding Arizona College and Career Ready Standard or other state standard based on the Operation and Algebraic Thinking domain.

Locate four sample lesson plans that focus on your chosen standard and grade level, from four different websites. Using the sample lesson plans as resources, design a new Operation and Algebraic Thinking lesson plan using the COE Lesson Plan Template.

Upon completion of your new lesson plan, identify an appropriate instructional strategy for a student with difficulty in perception and attention, and an instructional strategy appropriate for a student with difficulty in memory and retrieval. 

In 500-550 words, summarize each strategy, describing how each encourages critical thinking specific to your lesson. Be sure to rationalize the appropriateness of each strategy in regards to the specified student and learning target.

Support your choices with this week's readings and a minimum of two outside scholarly resources. In addition, cite the websites that you used as references to develop your lesson plan.

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