Operating & Revenue Budgets

1. What are examples of units of service that can be used as workload measures?
2. Why would one bother to use a patient classification system for budgeting rather than just using a measure such as the total number of patient days?

3. Distinguish between a full-time equivalent (FTE) and a position.

4. What are some major types of other-than-personnel services (OTPS) expenses?

5. True or false: Overhead expenses are always out of the control of the nurse manager. Explain.

6. What are the basic elements of a revenue budget, and what complicates the calculation of the budget?

7. For most things you buy, you pay what the seller charges. Do health care organizations always collect an amount equal to their charge? Explain.

8. In some cases the nurse manager will be responsible for setting prices. What is this process called? Explain the different ways that prices can be set.

9. Contrast fee-for-service payment with capitation.

Jones, Cheryl Bland, Christine Tassone Kovner, and Steven A Finkler. Financial Management For Nurse Managers And Executives. Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013. Print.

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