One of the critical steps in any survey process is approaching the people you have chosen as participants for the survey. A good approach and rapport can increase a participant’s willingness to give you information and their candor in providing it. Discuss your strategy for implementing this survey.

I need you assistance in helping me developing a better response to the questions. If you cite the work of other, please ensure that the reference is taken from peer reviewed journals. You must use APA 5th edition guidelines.

1. How will you approach the people you have chosen for the survey?

The survey instrument will be a self-administered questionnaire that will be available on a web site designed especially for my research.

2. How will you actually collect the information?

The information will be collected by means of a dedicated web site.

3. How will you get the information into useable data files?

The data will be downloaded from the website to a SPSS compatible file.

4. What will you promise your respondents?

The only promises that will be made to the participants will be confidentiality and a copy of the survey results if they so desire.

5. What are the strengths and weaknesses of your approach?

The strength of this approach is that it helps to minimize errors in data collection and I believe this approach will be helpful in terms of ensuring participant anonymity. A weakness of this approach is that the researcher has no personal contact with the participants.

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