Occupational Health And Safety Policies In Saudi Arabia

Write a questionnaire ( 21 questions do not write about demographic data questions). The questionnaire about the problem of the impact of occupational health and safety (OHS) policies on dentists’ performance in Saudi Arabia. This questionnaire will be from an administrative point of view.



The questionnaire will contain 3 sections: Knowledge (7Q), attitude (7Q), and practice (7Q) (likert scale)



Each section (questions within) should contain questions about:



1. Initial employment health screening



2. Measures to control harmful occupational exposures, such as exposure to toxic drugs and harmful noise levels



3. Periodic preventive immunizations and examinations



4. Education, training, and interventions on safe patient handling



5. Education, training, and interventions on managing workplace violence



6. Education, training, and interventions for staff who may be second victims of adverse or sentinel events



7. Treatment for common work-related conditions, such as back injuries, or more urgent injuries

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