For your final reflection, you will submit a 4-6 page paper. The format of the paper is one inch margins, double spaced, word processed, and a 10-12 point font. The paper should address 4 of the 6 essay items listed below. You MUST answer questions 1-3, and then choose one question from the, "Your Choice" list, below the mandatory section. For each item, your response should reflect in-depth thought and an analysis of your course experience. Each essay answer should be at least a page in length, but not more than 2 pages. Your answers should  exemplify professionalism as well. Your essay should have a cover page with the following information: Your name, the course title and section, and the date prepared. The cover page is NOT included in the 4-6 page total. 

Your paper will be graded on:

a. Quality of your responses (complete and thoughtful with specific examples from course materials, ex: text, PPTs, etc.) – 75 points

b. Grammar –  15 points

c. Proper Citation of Sources /Works Cited Page using APA or MLA format – 10 points

Mandatory Essay Items:

1. After reflecting on this course, share with me the most interesting class topic to you and why.

2. After reflecting on this course, compare and contrast your expectations for this class to what you actually gained.

3. One of your friends is interested in making healthy changes to his/her diet. What are the three most important things you would tell him/her about healthy eating?

Your Choice Essay Items. Please choose one item and write your response.

1. Identify and discuss two nutrition problems facing Americans. Give at least two recommendations to lower the risks or health costs associated with these issues. 

2. Share with me the topic you would like to add to the syllabus/course content or a topic you would have liked to have spent more time discussing. Please be specific and give examples of what you would like to learn.

3. State your position on this issue: Nutrition should be a recommended general education course which all students take.

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