Nursing research class


• Discussion Prompt 1


Choose a topic and an objective of interest. Take a look at the data that was collected. Describe the graph that you viewed and include a link to the graph. What type of graph is it? What are the dependent and independent variables? Was the graph useful? Explain why or why not. Do you think there are there any covariates? Why or why not?

• Discussion Prompt 2

What is the difference between statistical significance and clinical significance? Find an example of a study that shows a statistical significance but not a clinical significance. Explain why the statistical significance does not warrant a clinical significance.

Issues and trends in nursing class

Discussion Prompt 1

What stood out to you after exploring the Sigma Theta Tau website?


• Discussion Prompt 2: 


Do you describe yourself as a lifelong learner? If so, why do you feel it is important?


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