NUR 450C PICO/T Question Paper

Liberal Studies Distribution block: Science and Applied Science

Liberal Studies Essential Skills: Scientific Inquiry, Effective Oral Communication

Learning Outcomes:

 Integrates evidence based theory, research, and professional perspectives to patients

across the lifespan and health continuum.

 Incorporates effective oral communication into professional nursing practice.

 Integrates reliable evidence from multiple ways of knowing to inform practice and make

clinical judgments.

 Integrates knowledge and skills in leadership, quality improvement, health care policy

and patient safety into practice to provide high quality care.

 Creates a nursing practice which values and utilizes ethical and legal principles and

professional standards


 Complete a 3 page paper (double spaced) with the following sections in this order to

describe your clinical question.

 Use APA 6

th edition formatting- 3

rd person only

Introduction (in an APA paper, there is no heading “Introduction”, start the paper with the title

of the paper, centered, not bold): Based on what you see in practice, identify a population and

nursing-related clinical topic of interest. Clearly articulate the topic’s importance. Clinical topics

include nursing interventions, nursing decisions, and nursing behaviors. Avoid “medical” topics.

Rationale: Describe the rationale or significance for your choice including at least two current

(since 2012) references. This section should convince the reader of the significance or

importance of the topic – use evidence to support. Include a description of how your topic

relates to your current clinical practice and setting.

Literature Review & Synthesis: Conduct a literature search to find at least 3 current (since

2012), peer-reviewed journal articles that present PRIMARY SOURCES/STUDIES that are related

to your topic and population. These may support or refute your clinical question. After reading

all the articles, compare and contrast, then SYNTHESIZE the findings and describe the relevance

and importance to your clinical question.

Conclusion: Conclude with your PICO(T) question. Discuss how this question will address a

practice or policy related to your current clinical practice.

Formatting & Grammar: Follow APA (6th edition) format and limit to 3 pages of succinct

content succinct. Use a minimum of 5 professional references, including current nursing journal

articles (since 2012) to support your findings.

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