Please solve the following problems. You must show all work.


1) What is the approximate radius of

2) What is the approximate radius of a  nucleus?

(b) Approximately what is the value of A for a nucleus whose radius is 3.0 x 10-15m?

3) Calculate the binding energy per nucleon for a  nucleus.


5) Polonium-214 can decay by alpha decay.

a) The product of its decay has how many fewer protons the polonium-214?

b) Write the nuclear equation for this decay.

6) Write the nuclear equation for the decay of ? If there are any alpha, beta or gamma particles created what is their maximum kinetic energy created?

7) Francium-223 () has a half-life of 21.8 min.

a) How many nuclei are initial present in a 25.0 mg sample?

b) How many nuclei are present 1h and 49 min later?

8) What is the activity of a sample of that contains 8.9 x 1022 nuclei?


Some things to remember when setting up your solutions: 1) Be sure to check your units so that they are all compatible. Example, you may find some units in grams or kilograms while you find other entities in meters/sec or km/sec. Choose what units you are required to answer in or if not required what units you choose. The system of MKS is the standard in the course, but that does not mean the problems are given as mixture like cm/s and kg. 2) Double check that your conversions are correct and that you did not make an error by using dimensional analysis in the calculations. Seconds never will equal kilometers for instance. Although I do not weigh this type of error heavily, I want you to use what I call the “Bungler Alarm” which is to sit back and review your answer and see if it makes sense. Example, if a problem was involving a small distance in cm, you would not expect your conversions to bring you hundreds of miles, unless, of course you were asked to find a really big distance. 3) I have already solved all the problems as well as reviewed the answer key provided to me from the university. I check if there are mistakes including if any constants were used incorrectly.

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