Your essay should argue the following proposition:

A sustainable energy system (water system, agricultural system, economy) is possible if we do _____________________.


It is possible to stop the epidemic of extinctions of wildlife if we do _______________.

  • Find academic resources on a proposed solution or package of solutions for the environmental problem you choose to discuss.

  • State the arguments in favor of the solution you have chosen.

  • Identify potential objections and opposition to your chosen solution and reply to them, using academic resources.

  • Make a concluding argument advocating for your solution.


Papers will be evaluated in terms of 4 Criteria:

  • Research. Your paper should include a good summary of the issue. The course readings provide a starting point, but you should go beyond them in your research.

  • Analysis and Critical Thinking. The paper should include your assessment of which options are most likely to be effective. You should include analysis not only of the technical or financial feasibility, but also of the political feasibility.

  • Creativity. Use your imagination in thinking about how to accomplish the solution you choose. Consider the full range of potential actions: laws; regulations; taxes; subsidies; information; education etc.

  • Style. Style, overall presentation and articulation of argument.


  • 6 Pgs typed double-spaced, excluding references, 12 pt font. (approx. 1500 words – excluding references)

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