Writing Project 3: Nature Walk Blog DESCRIPTION
Alley Pond Park Highlights – Oakland Lake : NYC Parks.
2SMhiRlt7mI3jaYDFkGpDW23Oz_MVucC1Lw6W5s. Accessed 9 June 2019.
Kadinsky, Sergey. “Oakland Lake, Queens.” Hidden Waters Blog, 8 Mar. 2019,
Thoreau, Henry David. “Excerpts from Walden by Henry Thoreau .” Tufts University, Accessed 9 June 2019.
Description: As a class, we went to Oakland Lake in Bayside, New York to walk in a natural green space.
Some of us uploaded photographs to the app iNaturalist in order to identify flora and fauna, while
others took detailed notes on what we observed. To prepare for our walk, we read two articles: “Alley
Pond Park: Oakland Lake” and “Oakland Lake, Queens,” about the history of this green space. We also
closely read and discussed excerpts from Walden, a nonfiction work that recounts Henry David
Thoreau’s thoughts and reflections on choosing to “live deep’ by going to “the woods” for a period of
two years. These readings and activity help us to experience ourselves as part of the natural world.
Assignment: Using at least TWO of the above sources, create a blog of not less than 1,000 words on your
Weebly eportfolio website about the impact of green spaces on New York City residents.
• Your blog needs to have a unique title that lets the reader know your main idea or purpose.
• You must have a central claim or thesis that you clearly articulate in your first paragraph.
• Create hyperlinks to your sources OR include a list of Works Cited.
• MLA format in-text citations.
• You must have at least TWO visual elements that develop or serve your essay’s argument.
• You MAY NOT use outside sources, only the ones required for this assignment.
1. Create a unique page on your Weebly eporfolio site. Call it “Blog” or “My Blog” or something like
2. Write your essay in MS365 Word first and then copy and paste the text into the TEXT box.
3. Upload images and caption them (hint: use iNaturalist to help identify your photographs).
4. Don’t forget to click PUBLISH to save your work!
5. Upload the link to your blog to the ASSIGNMENT link on Blackboard.
6. Respond to at least THREE of your classmates’ blogs.

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