Narrative Analysis. View one of the story retell videos available on the SALT Case Study Examples website. Transcribe the narrative (you can use a word processing program or download a trial version of the SALT software). Define a T-unit and C-unit and indicate after each utterance the number of T-units and Cunits contained in that utterance. List the story grammar elements that are present. Identify whether it is a singleor multiple-episode story and the structural pattern of the sequence(s). Examine whether and how any other cohesive devices are utilized. Lastly, calculate the mean length of utterance (MLU) for the sample. Describe how the narratives of children with language disorders may differ from their peers, and indicate whether your transcription demonstrates any of these qualities (you are not required to analyze your transcript with SALT software – this should be a qualitative analysis).

paper must be one to two pages in length and utilize APA formatting and citations, including separate title and reference pages (neither of which counts towards the page requirement). The transcription should be on a separate page, and is not included in the length requirement.

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