Details of Assessment:
Music Business Report (1,500 words).
Write a 1,500 word essay to demonstrate your understanding of how technology is changing
the music industry.
With specific reference to the core structures and functions of the modern music industry,
new business models and revenue streams, changes in practice brought about by digital
technology and the internet, discuss:
• The shift away from traditional media such as TV and radio towards online and mobile

Module Handbook – PA5314 Marketing and Monetising Your Music Page 9 of 19
• How artists and labels are responding to the shift of revenues away from physical sales to
plays and subscriptions
• How artists are able to use social media to promote themselves to a global audience and
how this affects the A&R process
Credit will be given for the use of specific examples to illustrate your arguments.
Also, please ensure that you format the essay correctly. You must reference your ideas
according to Harvard Guidelines. The essay should be double-spaced and include a wide
range of cross references from a variety of sources and a bibliography.

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