Murder of the black youth in the inner-city/ analytical argumentative paper

This is a 1,200-1,500 word analytical argumentative paper on a contemporary moral issue that you isolate and develop. You will have the topic approved in week 4. You will choose a moral issue, consider and charitably state opposing views on this issue and offer a clear argument in support of one of those views. The paper will apply moral theories and arguments using logical analysis, in order to demonstrate your understanding of complex real-world issues with moral implications. See the grading rubric for more details.

Structural requirements for this paper are the same as for Paper 1 (see Outline here). This paper is just supposed to be more developed and to offer a more extended philosophical analysis than Paper 1. 

This assignment is due by the end of the eighth week of class on Sunday by 11:30 PM ET. 

The grading rubric for this final project paper is holistic:

A papers: (90-100) Are strong in grammar, organization, clarity and argumentation, have a clear thesis and an argument or analysis supporting that thesis and are clearly linked to the eResources with some use of at least three citations and short quotations. The paper must be between 1,200 and 1,500 words in length. The paper must contain at least one full paragraph of fair arguments by people with the opposing view. Then in another paragraph, you must specifically address the issues brought up by opponents and refute them.

B papers: (80-89) Lack some of the qualities of A papers but are still reasonably strong.

C papers: (70-79) Lack a good number of the qualities of A papers, and are solid but not strong.

D papers: (60-69) Lack enough of the qualities of this paper that they are below acceptable college standards.

F papers: (0-59) Miss the boat entirely or violate plagiarism rules.

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