For your Signature Assignment in this course, you will prepare your “Journey Toward Multiculturalism” journal, a report on your own growth as a multicultural psychologist. In your report, be sure to address the following:

1. Note how your understanding as a multicultural psychologist has changed since you took the baseline at the beginning of the course. What new points did you learn?

2. What surprised you most?

3. What did you learn about your own cultural identity: your values, worldview, communication style, and acculturation, if appropriate?

4. What did you learn about during the course that you disagree with, and why?

5. What would you like to learn more about, and how do you plan to continue your journey of awareness as a multicultural psychologist?

6. In your own current or potential work as a psychologist, how do you think this course has made a difference to you? What is the main takeaway message from this course, for you, and perhaps for your colleagues or workplace?

7. Finally, prepare an annotated bibliography of the important resources that you discovered in this course. Be sure to choose at least two resources from each activity topic.

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