Mr. Jones a high school social studies teacher allocates twenty-five percent of his class grade on student participation. He believes that class discussion is one of the most important parts of his class and that students must be encouraged to participate.

He also believes that students must be recognized for their “good work” which often equates to their oral or class contributions. This semester Mr. Jones has a student with a pronounced stutter, another student who has just arrived to the United States from Bolivia and is learning English. Another student in

Mr. Jones’ class is extremely shy and does not want to be the center of attention in any setting. Mr. Jones likes to call on students who are not volunteering during class in an effort to encourage them to speak up and meaningfully participate. The students who are not participating feel uncomfortable and are becoming increasingly alienated from the rest of the class. Grading for these students is also a significant factor.

Content Based on this fictitious scenario, you are to write a three- to four-page paper that addresses the role and responsibility of Mr. Jones. Using the discussions, reading, video, and learning thus far in this course, substantively respond to the following sections:

• Equitable Grading Issues: What considerations might need to be made for the various students in Mr. Jones’s class? (One page) • Social Stigma: Consider the social effects that these types of differences may have on the students in Mr. Jones’s class. (One page) • Parent Response: Explain how the parent(s) might address these issues with Mr. Jones on behalf of their child. Consider their cultural diversity and language preferences (One page).

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