Motivational Interviewing & the Stages of Change


Utilizing Elluminate give a 15 minute presentation on how the stages of change influence the counseling process. Use at least 3 resources (scholarly journal articles dated within the past 10 years) other than your texts to discuss the notion of motivational enhancement as it relates to the process of change. Relate this information specifically to a co-morbid (mental health/substance abuse) population. Specifically discuss how to create a climate where positive change can occur and how to enhance and maintain motivation. Apply your understanding of change to the concept of denial by clients regarding their comorbid diagnosis. Demonstrate your understanding of the 6 stages of change as noted in the Prochsaska text. As appropriate (and maintaining client confidentiality), utilize examples of clients you have worked with in the past to enhance your discussion. If you have no client experience you may leave this portion out of the presentation. 25 Points. See assignment drop box for due date

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