Module/Week 8 — Encountering the One Who Calls Us to Follow


  • Summarize the significance of Jesus’ 3 resurrection appearances to His disciples.
  • Explain how John 21 supports the notion of Johannine authorship of the Gospel.
  • Identify unique characteristics of John’s Gospel in relation to the Synoptic Gospels.
  • Demonstrate how John’s theology is firmly rooted in the Old Testament.
  • What are the circumstances surrounding Jesus’s three resurrection appearances to his disciples?
  • What is the primary purpose for Jesus’s commissioning of Peter?
  • How does the final chapter of John’s gospel support the notion that the apostle John wrote it?
  • Trace the story line of each of the three Synoptic Gospels and relate these to that of John’s gospel.
  • Comment on each of the fourteen explicit Old Testament quotations in John’s gospel, considering also the book’s most significant Old Testament allusions.
  • Discuss the points of contact between John’s gospel and the other Johannine writings as well as similarities and differences between John and Paul, Hebrews, or Peter.

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