Think about the most important features of a modern infrastructure. One assessment of this is


Infrastructures for future networks, including new Internets, must have the following characteristics:


1) Provide the right abstractions to software layer, in order to enable software-defined design, including management and control.


2) Hardware must be generalized and exposed for better resource exposition and orchestration.


3) Semantics rich resource description to enable proper orchestration at software layer.


4) Real-time support for time sensitive software-based management and control.


5) Flexible hardware to enable hardware implementation changes on the flow, e.g. FPGAs.


6) Identifiers must be decoupled from locators to enable improved traceability, mobility, and multihoming.


7) High level of physical connectivity and redundancy at hardware and software functionalities.


8) Cooperate each other to enable “social emergent” behaviors. Autonomic functionalities for self-management, self-awareness, self-situation, self-organization, self-adapting. In general, to enable self-* and *-awareness.


9) To enable simultaneous virtual entities over every physical resource.


10) Police-driven and context-aware control and management.


11) Contract-based exposition, orchestration, virtualization, life-cycling, etc.


12) Self-similar design to avoid unnecessary overlapping.


13) To explore deep synergies among design ingredients to avoid unnecessary overlapping.


14) Alignment to the digital business ecosystem idea.


15) High reliability, resilience, redundancy, capacity, and efficiency.


Review this list and reply in 175 words or more if you can think of other qualities that might be important.

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