Time to dive deep into mobile apps and mobile marketing. As college students your most likely use your phones to surf, communicate and gather information. Brands need to pay attention to your mobile experience if they want to win your business.
It%uFFFDs time to see how your brand performs on mobile. From your smart phone (if you have one) give your brand a good mobile test run. How do their web properties look from a mobile device? When you search for their brand name, do their properties come up easily and look good on a smaller screen? What do they do to make your mobile experience more engaging and special?
Write out your recommendations and feedback on how your brand is using mobile. Give some screenshots. And tell how they could improve. I%uFFFDm looking for some great ideas in how your brand could really crush it using the mobile experience, whether it be smart phone or tablet. My brand is MacDonald%uFFFDs.
%uFFFD Include two external links
%uFFFD Include one photo or video
%uFFFD Assignment title must be catchy and interesting
%uFFFD Must be client ready, nicely formatted and formal in language.
%uFFFD All sections must include detail about what you found and what you%uFFFDd recommend be done to improve.
Your recommendations must be justified based on your own research or information provided as part of this lesson or class.

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