You are expected to comment on this discussion topic based on your learnings from textbook, PowerPoint slides, and other resources such as articles from google scholar or library. Your comment have to be minimum 150 words. You also must make a comment on at least one other students’ to get the full points for this discussion. Your comment on the other student’s post should be constructive and critical and more than just agreeing with them.  Be sure to include strengths as well as recommendations for improvement.     The due date for this discussion activity is November 18th.     Discussion topic:     First, identify a firm that would like consumers to believe something different from what most consumers currently think. Think about different attitude change strategies discussed in the book (e.g., adding beliefs, changing affect, two-sided appeals), then discuss strategies that could be used in an advertising or promotional campaign to bring about this change.     You should consider cost effectiveness and feasibility in your evaluation. For example, it is very difficult to change currently held beliefs. Therefore, if you suggest trying to do this, you must specify how and how realistic you expect this effort to be. Note that if you suggest heavy repetition of an advertising campaign, the firm or organization in question should have the resources to be able to afford this.

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