For this progress evaluation, you will write two sequence analyses. Each analysis should be between two and one-half to three double-spaced, typed pages (650–750 words). One analysis should examine a sequence from The Graduate, and the other analysis should examine a sequence from American Beauty. Compile both of your sequence analyses into one document for uploading. Select sequences from each film in which elements of mise-en-scène are prominent. Do not try to restrict your analysis of cinematic style only to elements of mise-en-scène, but mise-en-scène should be the focus. That is, mise-en-scène should be the key stylistic details that give substance to your argument Choose a sequence that lasts about two to four minutes. A sequence is a series of shots somehow logically connected in terms of 1.their common locale or setting; and/or 2.their relation to one dramatic moment in the plot (i.e., a “scene”); and/or 3.their common function in terms of furthering plot development

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