Mini Research Proposal


This written assignment is based on the work conducted in the “Z, T, or Chi-Square Test Study” discussion forum from last week. Based on this initial work, feedback received, and additional research, you should submit a mini research proposal that calls for the use of a z test, t test, or Chi-Square test.


Please include the following in the research proposal:


· Introduction (1-2 paragraphs)


o Present the research question of interest.


o Explain how the chosen statistical test applies to this research question.


o Provide the statistical notation and written explanations for the null and alternative hypotheses.


o Explain the types of errors that can occur.


· Methods


o Participants (1 paragraph)


§ List how many participants will be selected.


§ Identify who will be the participants and their major demographic characteristics (e.g., sex, age, etc.).


§ Explain how participants will be selected for the study.


o Procedures (1-2 paragraphs)


§ Identify the variables in the study.


§ Describe each variable’s scale of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio) and characteristics (i.e., discrete vs. continuous, qualitative vs. categorical, etc.).


§ Provide an operational definition for each variable, explaining how the variables will be measured.


· Results (1-2 paragraphs)


o Describe the statistical test that will be conducted. Be sure to include why the test was chosen and why it is appropriate for this study.


o Identify the information that will be obtained from the results of this test and what will be needed to draw conclusions regarding the hypotheses.


· Discussion (1 paragraph)


o Identify any expected biases, assumptions, or faults with the proposed study and the use of the identified statistical test.


o Explain what conclusions can and cannot be made for this study, and using this statistical test.


o Describe the practical significance or importance of the results.


The paper should be APA formatted as a research proposal, and approximately 1000 to 1350 words of content. Include a title page, and a reference page that includes any resources utilized. 

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