Midterm Examination


I.  Instructions:


This is a take-home exam.  The exam should be typed, double-spaced, and with standard margins and font.  It should not exceed ten (10) pages.  Please number all the pages.





II.  Please answer the following questions:


First, identify and explain the main tenets of the Ancient-Modern Debate. Why does Machiavelli reject both the Ancient Greek and Christian conceptions of Man and Politics? 


Second, describe Machiavelli’s account of the “Origins,” and why this is important.  How does Machiavelli’s account of the “Origins” influence his redefinition of Vitu? What is this New Virtu? Where does one learn it? Last, how is all of this related to Machiavelli’s conception of Lady Fortuna?


Third, explain why Hobbes is dissatisfied with Machiavelli’s politics, and describe how Hobbes universalizes Machiavelli’s insights.


Fourth, identify and explain the main tenets of Hobbes’s conception of power, human nature, and the creation of the Commonwealth.


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