Subject American History

Topic     midterm exam

Type      Online Test

Level     College

Style      APA

Sources                3

Language             English(U.S.)


It will cover topics such as imperialism, nationalism, total war, the rise of fascism and communism, and world war 2.


There are directions on how to navigate the exam in the doc sharing section of the shell. Please read those carefully. Be sure to periodically save your work as you go along. There are no study guides for this exam. Most open book/open note exams usually don’t provide one.



You can use outside sources. The midterm is open note/open book. You should write your answers in your own words and cite your sources.




On the left side of your computer under “WEBSITES AND TOOLS” click on “Student Portal: My”.


At the Right corner of your Computer you see “Sign in”


Login ***

Pswd :Ojinnaka1


On the left-hand side click ” Go to Class”, select Class “HIST-410N-66467 Contemporary History


On the left-hand side click “Week 4″ under week 4 select MIDTERM. There you will find the test.


NB: PLEASE I attached A STUDY GUIDE. Go through it before you begin this exam. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO NUMBER 7 ”EXAM QUESTIONS” 1,4,5.

Please if you have any questions fill free to contact me at anytime. you can call if I do not respond to text messages or emails promptly. Please give this you best shot. I am counting on you. Thank you

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