Subject Energy Conversion Technology

Topic     Microgrid design and Economic dispatch and optimal power flow analysis

Type      Coursework

Level     University

Style      APA

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This part of the coursework consists of the design of a large microgrid that can supply a small city.

Your goal is to design a microgrid that can operate exclusively on renewable energy.

To do so you will need the following information:

 Assume that all days in the year are the same, and within each day there are four time periods,

with the properties shown in Table 1.1.

 Solar PV can be built for a capital cost of £3000/kW (all costs included)

 Wind can be built for a capital cost of £1500/kW (all costs included)

 Battery storage can be built for £500/kWh + £100/kW. For example, the capital cost to build a

1 MW storage plant that can store 2MWh, will be:…..

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