plz carefully follow all my teacher’s requirement. here are two requirement, one is for the assignment writing requirement, which introduce what i teacher need for assignment. and the other requirement is introducing what topic u need to write for this time named writing assignment on building change. (and I think this time doesn’t have study, my teacher explain what a little bit different in the requirement,plz check it, I think you can understand what my teacher need really well, I believe you)i also upload a example assignment, my teacher want my assignment should be like the example assignment, so plz use easy word and correct grammar to write my assignment. u can use the writing language like the example assignment, and make any arguments clear. and also the scoring rubric is also in the requirement, so plz also make sure the scoring rubric and check the assignment is accord for the higher grade. My teacher grades the order number 5043974088, I get a really low grade, I will upload you my teacher’s comment to you(some screen shot), and how my teacher grade it, so plz help me write a good grad paper for this time after you see my teacher’s first feedback. I believe you can do it very well. this class is my retake class, it is really important for me, so plz help me write a good assignment. i know my teacher has many requirement, plz help me follow all the requirements thank you very very very much.

for this times reading is in a link,the reading’s name is “building change” the website is :
i think my teacher said do not use the pdf reading in the website, just read the website. if u can not open the link just let me know:)))))

if u have anything unclear, plz contact me asap.
thank you very much

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