MGMT313 – Operations Management

Project Weight: 

The weight of the project is 15 points.

Project Requirement:

Your objective is to apply the concepts learned in this course to a specific business domain. The emphasis will be on creativity and quality, not quantity.  

You are required to set up your own E-Business to sell time-sensitive products that should be delivered within a short timeframe (0- 3 days max). You can choose to serve the local market (Dubai), regional market (UAE, any other country or a group of countries), or global market (continental or international).


Project Requirements:

• Decide on the different products that you plan to sell.

• Develop your mission, competitive dimensions, order qualifiers and order winners.

• Develop a detailed flow chart for the customer-order fulfillment process. Show all the actions, buffers, and decision points, along with time metrics.

• Identify the different factors that you are going to consider when choosing facility locations (Warehouses). Use the Factor weighting method, to show how you chose your locations.

• Decide on a proper (cost effective) distribution and transportation model and illustrate. Discuss your choice (why this model).

• Discuss the appropriate Inventory Control scheme, and support your discussion with quantitative analysis.

• What type of Wastes do you envision in your business, according to the lean operation concepts? How do you plan to eliminate those Wastes?

• Identify one single quality metric that you need to improve, and apply the DMAIC approach. Illustrate with the corresponding Six Sigma control charts and necessary diagrams. Make logical assumptions pertaining to the mean and standard deviations of the quality metric. 


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