MGMT 8035 – Complexity & Applied System Thinking

Final Project Component: Section 5—Networks Due 9 April 2016

The Assignment: WEEK 6

This week, you will continue your Consultancy Report for the executive leadership of your selected organization (ABC Company [Ford Motor Company]). Review the Final Project Template for week 6 component.  Input directly into the template highlighted in RED only

In 2–3 pages:

NETWORKS: Identify and explain three different networks found in your selected organization.
Explain how each of the three networks might inform decision making in leadership and management.
i.e [Identify and describe three different networks found in your organization. Recall that a network is a set of nodes and links where nodes may be people, computers, documents, databases, and such, while links are relationships, for example, reports to, collaborates with, manages, leads, and so on. Information, materials, and energy flow across networks. Explain how each of these three networks might inform decision making in leadership. Examples of network typologies include: tree, ring, line, bus, mesh, fully connected, or star. Networks of people may be formal (well defines roles and functions), informal (few set roles and functions), or family.]

RECOMMENDATIONS: Recommend how the leadership may use knowledge of the networks or network structures to improve the organization.
SUPPORTING RESEARCH: Include at least two citations/references to current literature to support your explanations and recommendations to the executive leadership.

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