“México Lindo y Querido”

Genre: Mariachi ensemble

Cancion nacionalista / author: Chucho Monge

Performer: Jorge Negrete

CD (2) track (2)


“México Lindo y Querido” is a heartfelt national song about Mexico. In addition, the song describes the feelings and emotions that Mexicans have toward their country.The lyrics started by taking about the voice of his guitar that he plays and how it wants to express the happiness and joy that he feels towered his homeland Mexico. And he starts to mentions some beautiful places and things that they inspire him through out his life and bring him good luck and love  (Yo le canto a sus volcanes), (a sus praderas y flores), and (que son como talismans). Then, he expresses his love to Mexico by telling an assumption dying away of Mexico and he wants to bring him back and sleep under his home country land which is the one and only true love to him.

The instruments play an important part of the song; there are the trumpets, which have a big part in the song, which the song started with it and it goes fast. Then there are some parts when the guitar plays which gives warm beautiful touches to the song. In addition, there are the violins that play along with the singing and the trumpets; moreover, the voice of the singer is very soft which gives a lot of powerful and beautiful feelings and his voice show how she’s enjoying singing the song.

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