Medline (Pubmed)
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Go to Medline (Pubmed) to search a topic in sports nutrition that interests you. Find an article that has been published on this topic within the last 3 years that you can understand and has not already been chosen for this thread (all postings must be unique). IN YOUR OWN WORDS summarize the results from the study and what it means. Write your summary as if writing to the general public. Keep your summary within 250 words. This is an ‘early bird gets the worm’ exercise. You will not get credit for posting a product that has already been posted so be sure to scan all previous pages of forum topic to ensure original post.

You must site the article including title, authors, date, journal volume/pages (it is okay to copy and paste the citation from pubmed but your citation CANNOT be a pubmed url).

select “search and find”, then select “articles and databases”. Click on “M” for “Medline (PubMed)”Need a Professional Writer to Work on this Paper and Give you Original Paper? CLICK HERE TO GET THIS PAPER WRITTEN

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