Appreciate at least two paragraphs for each question. 1. Discuss how a society can be relatively stable and orderly and yet be unfair and unjust. (identify your standards or criteria of a just society). (a) What do you suppose Karl Marx might have said about a capitalist society capable of being fair and “just”? (b)What would Marx say about the social safety net offered by Sweden or Denmark in comparison to the one provided by government in America? (c) whereas complete economic equality is unrealistic, can’t a society function at a reasonable level of economic inequality coupled with a strong social safety net for the entire population? 2. Rationality, science and technology represent a world view of our age. Certainly so in the developed world. With all that is occurring in the world, why would you describe this phenomenon as a double-edged sword in terms of the present and future of humankind? (the good and the bad consequences)


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