Marketing Book report
**The book can be read by signing into google with the email and password heidi2014
Go to google books, my purchased books and you should see Positioning the battle for your mind.**

Your book report will be a conversational narrative. Within your report, please plan to include:

– A discussion on the key points of the book. At least 2 quotes from the book to highlight key points you want to make. Please refrain from quoting extensive sections of the book. This essay should be in your voice.

– Apply at least 2 concepts we have discussed in class to the topic of the book. These should be incorporated into your report and footnoted.

– An explanation about why this topic is important to know as a marketer and how it can be used effectively

– Who in particular would benefit knowing and using the concepts in your chosen book? Why?

– What you personally found helpful or very interesting.

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