As Maria sits sipping her cup of tea, she recalls an incident that took place a few days ago. At the time, her students were working in small groups they d been asked to read up and create a timeline of the events of a former U.S. president s term in office. Maria was assisting one group in the front of the room, while the others were sitting together in the back of the classroom. From the back of the room, Maria heard one student, Joseph, say to one of his peers, Jamal, Quit looking at me like that, you dummy. Jamal replied, I wasn t looking at you.
Maria stopped the group activity to reprimand them, That is quite enough, boys. Focus on your work, not on each other. A few minutes passed and the boys were temporarily quiet. Then the shuffling started and quickly escalated into the boys shoving and pushing each other around. Maria thought to herself, Here we go again. Why can t these boys cooperate and get along? At that point, Maria left the group in front, walked to the back of the class, and separated the boys.
Apply the perspectives on learning Classical Conditioning, Operant Conditioning, and Social Learning to make recommendations to Maria with respect to behavior management.
Discuss the theoretical underpinnings of your recommendations and specific strategic recommendations.

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