Many independent African states inherited substantial and persistent challenges to state legitimacy (territorial and/or governmental). For any two African countries of your choice, compare and contrast the ways in which actors (state and/or other) within those countries have sought to address those challenges. the essay may focus on a particular time period (i.e., it does not have to cover the whole post-colonial period) and/or on a particular issue (economic policy, democracy, or any other issue of your choice).

The word count does not include the bibliography. i have stated 20 references so please only put in the bibliography what was actually read as there will be inspections and questions on each reference used to make sure it was actually used rather than just added in without any reference used whatsoever. so please be careful about that. ALSO PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARISE WHATSOEVER AS it is a big penalty, which is very serious. Please at all cost please once again do not plagiarize •Do not use Wikipedia or similar non-academic Internet sources. Please put a word count on the cover sheet. It is crucial that the essay contain proper referencing and a correctly compiled bibliography. The essay should not merely summarize the approach in question. Instead, it should indicate your ability to critically engage with the subject matter.

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