Upon the completion of this assignment, you will demonstrate the following composition and critical reading skills:


  • Write with a sense of audience
  • Use examples and details to support a claim




Part One: 


In her postscript to the title essay of her book, Men Explain Things to Me, Rebecca Solnit mentions the term “mansplaining”—how it was coined after her essay appeared, and how it took off as a catchy expression of how many women feel when, well, when men explain things they know little about to women who know a lot.


Your assignment for this week is to research the term “mansplaining” and write a discussion post (150 words minimum) summarizing and analyzing its rhetorical effect in popular and/or critical culture. You may look for hashtags (#mansplained or #mansplaining) or for essays or podcasts or other occurrences of the term. Answer the question: how is “mansplaining,” as a concept, influencing attitudes and mindsets in our culture? Please refer to your research specifically. Your audience will be your classmates, your purpose to inform. [150 words minimum]

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