Position Paper

Your Position Paper will deal with a specific aspect of Managerial Economics. The paper is expected to be 6 to 8 pages in length, double spaced. The paper should include the following components:

Research Component

Based on research in professional journals, present at least three authors’ views on your selected topic. Sources must be cited within the body of the analysis using the American Psychological Association (APA) author/year parenthetical method of documentation. (I can cite everything by myself, I just need links for articles)

Synthesis Component

Synthesize your research, class materials, personal experience, etc. to arrive at your own view on the subject. Be sure to justify your views. Also include how this view will effect your actions and decisions in the future.

This is what I have in syllabus. To sum up, I am asking to write a paper, based on three articles, which can have different views or even the same one (will be easier to make it same). It does not matter about the topic, just it has to be related to economics (might be risk management, supply chains, pricing, whatever comes to your mind). Required is abstract, introduction, analysis of three points of view of three authors and conclusion/summary with clear stated position of myself.

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