Answer# (1,2,3) each question with citation and references . No PLAGIARISM.



  1. IT STRUCTURE:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                In what circumstances is a centralized IT structure more effective than a de-centralized model?   


 Despite government regulation regarding privacy and internet security, stories of compromised data and the security of IT are common place in today’s media. What experience do you have personally or of which you are aware in which IT system data was compromised? What was the outcome? What are the legal and ethical considerations for organizations when their data is compromised? 



The CEO of a large private financial institution has just uncovered a problem with their compliance data. In meeting with the other senior employees, the CEO learned that the data is lacking quality. In addition, the CEO estimates that Finance spends 2 man months each quarter to reconcile reporting data with an accuracy of only 75% once it is completed. The CEO is at a loss as to how to resolve the issue as data originates from multiple source systems in different business units with the interjection of periodic fixes. On top of that, IT refuses to take responsibility for the lack of data quality blaming the business processes and lack of business accountability. In responding to this question, please address the CEO’s dilemma. 

How would you respond if were you the CEO? 

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