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Prepare an approximately 5-page long, double-spaced, ORIGINAL paper on the subject of ‘big data.’ Your paper should be based on reliable information from at least five credible sources cited formally in your bibliography. The main body of your paper should discuss the following in your own words —
Meaning and connotation of the term ‘big data,’ contexts in which it occurs, and the processes by which it is generated.
Opportunities and challenges it presents for business decision making.

Why and how the methods and tools for its collection, storage, retrieval, and analysis may need to be different from those pertaining to regular data.
Unique societal, political, and/or ethical issues it engenders.
Your paper must contain absolutely no typos or grammatical errors, and be readable and cogent. It must be well-organized and structured, with headings (and sub-headings if needed), including an introduction, a conclusion, and a bibliography formatted according to any one of several major referencing styles such as APA. All references listed in the bibliography must be cited at the appropriate spots in the main body of your paper.

Be sure to place your name at the top left or right corner of your submitted Word document.

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