Inthe Lens Essay, you identified one solution to an ethical dilemma using one ethical framework.  While making a well-reasoned decision is an important component of ethical decision-making, it is not a complete resolution.  In this assignment you mustformulate a strategy for convincing a target to act on a specific solution to a dilemma.  As we have discussed in class, acting requires a separate analysis from that used to make a decision. To act on a decision, one must often convince others, and doing so requires an analysis of the arguments that will be most persuasive to them.

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Thus far this semester, you have answered four questions pertinent to this strategy:

  1. What is at stake for the person/people you are trying to persuade? What is important to them? What does the target value and why?
  2. What are the main arguments (reasons and rationalizations) you are trying to counter?
  3. What argumentation levers can you use to influence those who disagree with you?
  4. What is your most powerful and persuasive response to the reasons and rationalizations you need to address?


In your essay, you will present an argument for how best to convince a character in a dilemma to act in a specific way. You will not address the target in your essay. Rather, you will present an argument about how to convince the character based on your analysis of the arguments that are most likely to be convincing to him/her.



You may use your lecture and discussion and workshop notes; however, use of any other material is prohibited and will be considered academic misconduct.  While SMG encourages collaboration, each student is responsible for submitting his/her own, original work.


Use the spreadsheet in the “Persuasion/Strategy Essay” folder on your section site of SMGtools to see which case you have been assigned for this essay. The cases are available in the same folder. The decisions and the character who need to be convinced to act are listed below.


Student Privileges Timothy

(The target that you are going to persuade)

William knows that a strong reference from Timothy will be an important asset for him when he applies for a job after graduation. He doesn’t want to outright refuse to give Timothy the information Timothy is asking him to provide. Instead, he wants to convince Timothy that using William’s password is not the best way to achieve his goals.

(This is the decision)




The Deliverable:

Your paper must be

–          Type-written, double spaced

–          An MS Word document

–          Formatted in 12-point Calibri or Times New Roman

–          Formatted with 1 inch margins all around

–          No more than 1200 words in length

–          If ideas come from sources other than the dilemma description, the sources must be documented using MLA (Modern Language Association) in-text citations with a works cited page. See especially the correct MLA citation formats for lectures and personal conversations.

–          Formatted with a Cover page with first and last name, discussion section, student ID number, and date in the top right corner

–          Uploaded to SMGTools Assignments on your section site by the deadline

–          Labeled using the document naming protocol: YourlastnameYourfirstnameYoursectionnumberPersuasion

EXAMPLE: LeeNancyJ4Persuasion


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